How to rent



You can only rent a vehicle in a city you are planning to return it in.


1. Choose manually online

To rent a car with Grekostar, follow these simple steps:

  1. 1. Fill in your information (country, region, place of pick-up, dates) on the front page

  2. 2. You’d be redirected to a vehicle selection page. Set filters and choose the vehicle you like.

  3. 3. On the vehicle page, select desired options and fill in driver information

The price that’s shown is final. It’s not subject to change if the provided information is correct.


2. Choose a vehicle and tell the rest over the phone

Any additional features (child safety seat, additional driver, etc.) can be added over the phone. The price will also be announced over the phone.

Kindly notify us if you want to have the vehicle delivered to the airport, hotel or wherever else you find convenient, and are planning to return it elsewhere.

The rented vehicle would match the category of the reserved vehicle (not the make of the vehicle); if a vehicle of a higher class is offered the price would remain unchanged.


3. Just call or message us

If you want to quickly rent a car, call us at +306945323577, +302314032948, send an email to info@grekostar.com, or contact via Viber/WhatsApp (+306945323577). We’re always online!

When your reservation is approved, you’d receive a conformation email. We do our best to answer your questions as quickly as possible. We value you and your precious time!

Kindly keep in mind that your reservation is only valid after you’ve confirmed it.


Picking up and returning the vehicle

  1. 1. After your reservation is approved, we will send you a conformation email with insurance packages available: standard, full, with excess protection. You’d also need to double-check your personal information (name, age, contact information, dates of arrival and departure.)

  2. 2. After you confirm your reservation, we will arrange a convenient place to meet.

  3. 3. During the meeting we will sign the contract and accept the payment for the vehicle hire. If you wish to pay with a debit card, we’d need to stop by our office.

  4. 4. You can enjoy your car and your trip. If you happen to need our help, feel free to call us. We’ll help you with whatever it is you need help with.

  5. 5. Whenever is most convenient for you (usually before your check-in), we’ll meet you to pick up the vehicle. We’ll quickly check fuel levels and go through the paperwork. We’d gladly help you with your luggage and see you off with a smile!


Free Delivery

We offer free vehicle delivery service to all major airports, hotels, and really anywhere within 50 kilometers of these airports.


Free Returns

You can return the vehicle at any airport or hotel, or anywhere within 50 kilometers of the airport. For an additional cost and upon request we can pick up the vehicle wherever is most convenient for you.


(: ! אל תתביישי להגיד היי ! אנחנו תמיד באינטרנט

  • כתובת : Thermi 57001 next to (HYATT HOTEL & EXPRESS SERVICE) 947/948
  • מספר טלפון של שירות לקוחות : +306945323577
  • דואר אלקטרוני : info@grekostar.com